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Yes, our watch faces supports WearOS smartwatches.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your watch
2. Search for the watch face
3. Press the install button

You should not have to buy it again. Sometimes the Play Store takes a bit longer to figure out that you already bought the app. Any additional order will automatically be refunded by Google, you will receive the money back.

Some of our watch faces come with Built-in steps and Google Fit steps. If you select built-in steps, ensure that you grant activity recognition permission. If you select Google Fit steps complication, please use the watch face companion app where you can grant permission on Google Fit to log your data.
Note also that Google Fit sometimes won’t show your real-time data due to its caching sync issues. We are also working on implements Samsung Health for Samsung phone devices.

If you used any of the payment providers (like the PayPal), ensure that you completed purchasing on their platform. You could try the following options:
1. Open the Settings on your watch face
2. Scroll down to Premium option
3. Tap it. It should unlock the premium features or give you an error.

Didn't fix the issue? Please contact us on richface.watch@gmail.com

We are trying to give our users the best experience with our watch faces, but some of the users can change his mind he would like to get money back. By sending an email with the Order Number, you are requesting a refund from us.
The Number Order starts with GPA.####-####-####-##### pattern and without that number we are unable to refund the money since Google is responsible for your payment process.

Some of our watch faces give counter options (coffee and water). In order to reset counters tap and hold the watch face and go to the Settings option. Scroll down the list of setting options and find the Reset Water counter or Reset Coffee counter. Tap on it and the selected counter will be cleared.

Lock icon prevents a user to change color and tap on other actions accidentally.